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Nothing's Like Before

Our latest studio album is full of variety and energy. We put a lot of punchy Rock songs on the disc, just as "Tracey" and "Narbonne Pearl". But you will also detect Country, Blues, and Ballads. And this due to the fact that the title song addresses the sad story that gave the album its name.

  • High Quality Digipack
  • 28 page booklet
  • 11 songs

9,99€ plus shipping

Growin' Up

WBP's debut album which includes our first but classic songs. And there's also "No Worries" put on it so you get our Autralia song as well. The album represents our beginning years, a time in which we had many gigs in pubs but also our first festival appearences. Just like "growing up".

8,99€ plus shipping

... or take two

If you like, just take both WBP albums for 14,99€ plus shipping.

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