Radio Regenbogen 2 Mannheim 09.11.2017

WBP in Interview mode

In November '17 we were invited to the Radio Regenbogen 2 studios with DJ Max Peter who asked lots of crazy questions. So our fans got the chance to find out some interesting stuff about White Blossom Project, like how did the band members find their way to each other, what are our inspirations, where and when do we have the next gigs and so on. And then our new single, "Tracey" was released, in full length, on the air. BIG WOW MOMENT! We were more than greatful for this opportunity and want to say "Thanks" to Max Peter and the entire team at Radio Regenbogen 2 for having us there! You guys are TOP! Keep on rockin'!

And here's the interview ... um ... in German. But don't worry, "Tracey" is in english!