Kult Livestream Uni Augsburg 19.07.2017

Our first Live Interview in front of rolling cameras!

In the middle of July '17, White Blossom Project got invited to the Augsburg University for a live interview in front of rolling cameras. The interview was sent out to the entire university via student television and was also live-streamed on-line. During the interview, we got the chance to perform a new, really hot single called "Narbonne Pearl". Normally this number is quite rocky, with lots of pounding elements and wall shaking bass. But we took it to  a different level and did an unplugged version which suprised lots of fans ... and us as well. We say THANKS to the student team at the Uni Augsburg for their support and for this extraordinary moment in the development of White Blossom Project and its young history! And it was also lots of fun raffling off some WBP CDs to the student staff! 

P:S. Thanks for the good beer! (Mike)